RunBeerRepeat is an organization of runners who also enjoy craft beer.

“Good Beer, Good People, Good for You!” is our club motto. We like to promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating, and we like to promote craft beer. We think these two go hand in hand. Everyone knows running is good for you, but responsible consumption of alcohol has proven health benefits also.

We are not competitive. Some of our members may be, and that’s okay, but anyone at any running level is welcome.

Everyone is welcome to run at their own pace. We do not have to stay as a group. In general, the routes are around 3 miles and take about 30 minutes. Feel free to go slower, or take a shorter route. We know we’ll see you after for the beer.

Families are welcome. If your little one can’t keep up with you on their own, strollers and bikes are welcome.

Let’s get at it!