Action Adventure run last week

If you weren’t with us at Dangerous Man last week, you missed out on an awesome run. There were helicopters, there were protesters, there were police and there was beer!

Our run took us from Dangerous Man, down to Boom Island, looping around Nicollet Island, then back to Dangerous Man. It was a beautiful evening run with an awesome view of the river and down town Minneapolis!

2015-12 Dangreous Man 4

The interesting part of the run started when we looped Nicollet Island. All through our run we were hearing a helicopter off in the distance, over down town Minneapolis. At our half-way point on Nicollet Island we saw a phalanx of police officers on bikes on the Hennepin Ave bridge. The helicopter was pretty much directly overhead at this point. We didn’t see them but after the fact we learned the police were at the head of a peaceful protest coming from down town Minneapolis. Looping back on the island, we found an awesomely treacherous set of stairs we had to traverse. After the stairs we made our way back through Boom Island, helicopter seemingly tracking our run. When we made it into the NE Minneapolis neighborhoods we ran straight into another protest cutting off all car traffic. Luckily we had no trouble making our way through their group and back to our post-run beverages.

2015-12 Dangreous Man 3

We can’t promise another action adventure run at the Muddy Pig next week but it WILL be an awesome run down Summit Ave. Come join us for a holiday light tour, on foot! Please RSVP for the run if you think you will attend. The Pig can be busy and we really would like to be able to try and reserve a table for all of us after the run.

2015-12 Dangreous Man 1

2015-12 Dangreous Man 2