Another Beautiful St Paul Run

2015-11 Flat EarthThanks to everyone who showed up last week to run with us from Flat Earth in St. Paul!

It was a dark, cold and windy evening but that made it all the more fun! After getting wrapped up in cold-weather running gear and our night running gear we headed out for our run. For our run we started out heading to Phalen Blvd and headed towards the East Side Heritage Park and then on to Sweede Hollow Park. Sweede Hollow was fun to visit again and see the difference the darkness makes. We were recently here for our run from Sidhe Brewing, but that was when it was still light out.

2015-11 Flat Earth

After running through the old train bridge under 7th Street we turned around. On the way back we explored an alternate way into Sweede Hollow which got us back to Payne Ave quicker. This shortcut got us back to Flat Earth early so we ran around the Flat Earth neighborhood a bit more before hitting our 30 minute mark. Overall, a very fun run!

Back at the brewery we tried a number of long-time favorites as well as some fun seasonal beers. One non-beer that was very exciting to try was their hopped cold press coffee! The details on it’s production were a bit murky but it was described as cold-press coffee with pre-fermented beer (called wort) added. There was no alcohol present in it and it tasted like coffee with some sweet malt and bitter hop flavors as well. If it wasn’t after 7pm I would have tried more of this!

2015-11 Flat Earth

All in all, it was a fantastic evening run! Come join us on our upcoming runs in December. We are starting out at Dangerous Man in Minneapolis on December 3rd and then back to the Muddy Pig in St Paul on December 17th for our annual Christmas light tour!


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