Another update on COVID-19


We, like all of you, have been following the spread of COVID-19. As runners and healthy individuals, we are generally well equipped to handle the virus. But we also know that each and every one of us have an important role in slowing the spread of the virus. In compliance with the CDC guidelines of canceling group events, we have made the painful decision to postpone all RunBeerRepeats, indefinitely. We will closely monitor the CDC’s guidelines for group gathering and will resume our regularly scheduled runs when it is safe to.

Our friends at our local breweries are struggling as well. They have been forced to temporarily close and face uncertainty ahead. This is a scary time for those in the craft beer industry. If you would like to help out your local brewery, please reach out to them and inquire about purchasing to-go beer, merchandise, or gift cards.

Let’s take care of our loved ones and look out for each other during these difficult times. We will get through this together, and we look forward to being able to run with you all again soon.


Your RunBeerRepeat Family

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