Apparel for your running buddy?

This is a special, short update. We had an awesome run last week and you will hear more about that soon but we wanted to pass on a time-sensitive opportunity.

If you have been running with us recently then you have likely met Beer Runner Ashley and her furry running buddy Jax. Well Jax doesn’t have any Run Beer Repeat apparel and Ashley is working on fixing that. She is going to be ordering some bandanas for Jax and has offered to take orders for anyone else interested.

RunBeerRepeat bandanas will likely cost between $15 and $20 and are being hand made. No extras are being ordered so if you are interested, this may be your one opportunity. Please get in touch with Ashley this week if you are interested.

If you are interested, reply to this email, or hit her up with a message on Instagram where she is AdventuringBarista as or message Jax directly on Instagram as ExplorerJax.

Stay tuned for a quick note next week. It’s an off-week for RunBeerRepeat, being the 5th Thursday next week. Some of us are talking about doing a pop-up run somewhere Thursday. We’ll email, post on the website and facebook when we call the location.

And for a last-minute addition. If you are itching for a run with beer THIS Thursday, check out Unmapped In Motion at Unmapped Brewery tomorrow at 6:30pm!

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