Beautiful St. Paul Run at Sidhe Brewing

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Sidhe Brewing last Thursday. It was great catching up with everyone!Sidhe Brewing

For our run, we headed south from Sidhe down Payne Avenue towards Eastside Heritage Park. From there we hopped on the trail system and headed south on the East Street trail. We meandered through Swede Hollow Park towards downtown St. Paul. We turned around at Interstate 94 and headed back. We saw a lot of beautiful lush scenery as well as some of the best Eastside establishments like Tongue in Cheek, Ward6 and the new Flat Earth Brewery and Taproom.Sidhe Brewing 2015-09Sidhe Brewing 2015-09

After our 30 minute run we wiped off our sweat back at Sidhe where we checked out their new taproom! They had plenty of space and plenty of fantastic beer available for us. Overall it was a great location!2015-09 Sidhe Brewing

October 1st we will be returning to Minneapolis and Fulton’s North Loop location. Go RSVP and come join us on Thursday!