Fantastic run at Steel Toe last week

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Steel Toe Brewing last week. It was great seeing all the regulars as well as some faces that we haven’t seen in quite a while! 2015-09-03 20.01.43

For our run last week, we headed out from Steel Toe towards the Cedar Lake trail. On the trail we headed East towards Minneapolis. The trail was lush and green and had a lot of other people on it as well. Everyone was out enjoying some of the last beautiful days of summer!

After our 30 minute run we were back at Steel Toe where we checked out their newly expanded taproom! They had plenty of space with the new area. Steel Toe had their usual array of fantastic beer available for us. Overall it was a great post-run location!

Next week we will be heading over to St Paul to check out one of Minnesota’s newest breweries, Sidhe Brewing. Go RSVP and come join us on Thursday!

2015-09-03 19.27.34