Great run at EastLake Brewery

If you didn’t join us last week at EastLake you missed out! The Midtown Global Market was a great space to start and end our run last week.

We meandered out of the maze of awesome sights and smells that is the Midtown Global Market and made our way down to the Greenway. We started east along the Greenway and ran for our usual 30 minutes or so. We had 3 separate groups, each running at their own pace but we were there for a common goal…BEER!

Back at the Midtown Global Market and EastLake Brewery the only trouble was what to eat and what to drink! We were lucky as EastLake had a fantastic Groupon deal giving us a great deal on two sample flights and 2 pints for a very discounted price. The flights were served in half-full tulip glasses so all those glasses in the pictures didn’t start out full! Overall it was a fantastic evening and a huge thanks to everyone who ran with us and thanks to EastLake for letting us crash! Check out more photos below.

Our next run is going to bring us down south of the river for the first time. Club member Tim Johnson from Badger Hill has been bugging us to come visit Badger Hill and we are going to take him up on it! Go RSVP on the event page to stay in the loop. If anyone finds any deals or suggestions for the area, post it in a comment there too!

For those of you who can’t make it out to Shakopee, don’t worry. Our next 3 runs are all posted on the site now so put them on your calendar! A particularly special run will be our First Anniversary run at Excelsior Brewing! You don’t want to miss that!