Great run from Utepils

It was a cool evening last week running from Utepils Brewing but being in a beautiful area and running in the daylight made up for it!

We took off from Utepils and headed up to Theodore Worth Park for a run around Worth Park. The run took us around the lake, then circling back to get our distance.

Utepils itself is beautiful inside! They had 4 of their 5 beers available for us to try. The “flightski” was a novel way to try them all in one convenient package! The beer was all solid and the styles were more traditional European styles compared to lots of new breweries in town. The only disappointing part was the lack of parking it wasn’t too difficult to find a spot in the neighborhood. If you haven’t been, you should check it out!

Coming up this weekend on Saturday is our first ever Bottle Share social event! Come join us at Audrey and Dave Royer’s house in Eagan on Saturday at 3pm for a fun event. Check out the Facebook Group event or the Event Calendar for all the details. If you still have trouble, email Dave Royer for details.

In two weeks we are heading to New Bohemia in St Paul off West 7th. Hope to see you on April 6th!