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This is a guest post from first time runner Ben Ferin

What a way to welcome back spring days than with Run. Beer. Repeat. While it’s quite easy to be sour after a long, bitter winter of treadmilling, there are few things as refreshing as warm April evening running. As a first time participant, I’m excited about the opportunity to recap this week’s event from Insight Brewing.Insight Brewing

The Run

The temperatures must have inspired more hibernators than just me, as the crew exceeded 20-plus runners and walkers. I admit I didn’t know exactly what/who to expect at the event, but was quite impressed with the overall energy of the group, out to enjoy two of the Twin Cities’ greatest treasures: running and beer.

The group started off towards Como and headed east past 280 – a delightful route to just run and appreciate the small shops and restaurants along the way. Fifteen minutes out just flew by and soon enough it was the second, and arguably more important, half of the run…back to the brewery.Insight Brewing

The Beer

My excitement for the springtime run was only trumped by my anticipation to imbibe some suds from one of the few Minneapolis breweries that I had yet to patron. And talk about good timing: LivingSocial just so happened to be offering a sweet deal to Insight Brewery – two flights and two pints for $15. After a solid run and several delicious carbonated beverages (and grub from Rusty Taco), it was quite fun to get to know folks from all walks, and a wide range of goals, abilities, and background, all convening for a similar purpose. The opportunity to connect with several new people – some of which I had already been following on the twitter machine – rounded out a fantastic inaugural Run. Beer. Repeat.

The Repeat

After such a great experience, this author can confidently state that there will be a “repeat” in the near future. Impressed by the group and camaraderie, I am very excited to do it again! Hopefully will see some familiar and new faces at the next event


Insight Brewing

Insight Brewing