Run tonight at Sweeney’s Saloon in St. Paul

It’s time to run! And beer…!

One final reminder that tonight we are heading to Sweeney’s Saloon in St. Paul! As usual, we will meet at Sweeney’s at about 6:20pm and will run at 6:30 sharp so please plan to get there and parked on time. After our 30 minute run we’ll meet back at Sweeney’s for a post-run beverage.

If you are worried about the weather, stop by anyway. Chances are the weather will change on your way there and if it’s really bad, Sweeney’s has some great food and beverages!

If you are planning on joining us, please consider RSVP’ing for the run on the calendar page. If you RSVP we can send you updates and help give Sweeney’s a heads up.