St. Paddy’s Day Run at Indeed Brewing

On March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, we had a great run from Indeed Brewing. It was identical to the one we did a while back where we ran aIndeed-2016-03-17 19.02.28 course by five breweries. It was also our first day lit run in a long time. Thank you Daylight Savings Time! After the 3-mile run we rendezvoused back at Indeed for some great beers. If you’re into sours, check out their Wooden Soul series!


Indeed-2016-03-17 19.32.06

We also got to sit in their newish auxiliary tap room The Ox. This beautifully renovated space provides overflow and all the same great beers as the main room. Were we impressed? Indeed.

Indeed-2016-03-17 19.15.40



Indeed-2016-03-17 19.00.13Our next run will be at Northgate Brewing on April 7th. We’ll start at the brewery for a 30 minute run, followed by some great beer! As always, we will meet at about 6:20pm just inside their facility and will start our run at 6:30 sharp. Please plan to get there in plenty of time to find a parking spot.

If you are planning on joining us, please rsvp and let us know.