Welcome to Wisconsin… Our First Field Trip!

2016-02-06 Barley JohnsLast week we had our first ever Run, Beer, Repeat field trip! A few of us trekked out to New Richmond, Wisconsin to see the new Barley John’s production brewery. Built in a new building in an industrial park on the outskirts of town, the new brewery is a sight to behold with lots of room to grow. They really did a great job with the space!

The brewery is built, quite literally, on top of the Rail Bridge Trail, a converted bike/running path. We headed northeast towards downtown until we ran out of trail. We continued on city streets and turned around at the 15 minute mark. We galloped briskly back to the brewery because, well, beer.2016-02-06 Barley Johns

Brewer Bob McKenzie and the rest of the staff really made us feel welcome. We got a nice tour of the brewhouse followed by a self-guided tour of all of their beers. I think we all left full, happy and with beer-to-go!

Please consider joining us on another field trip. We’ll probably do a family friendly run in Excelsior as well as a trip to Schells in May for the Lager Lauf.¬†Watch the website for upcoming details.

2016-02-06 Barley Johns2016-02-06 Barley Johns2016-02-06 Barley Johns2016-02-06 Barley Johns