Wet & Fun Run at Tin Whiskers

We had a slightly damp but awesome run last week at Tin Whiskers! Thanks to everyone who braved the mist and showed up to run.Tin Whiskers 2015-07-16

Our route took us from Tin Whiskers, up around the capital, down passed the History Museum and up to the Cathedral area, then back. We had a little light rain at the start of the run but it quickly disappeared, making for a fantastic run!

Tin Whiskers 2015-07-16Tin whiskers had a great line up of beer available. They had just completed adding a roll-up door to their taproom the day before so we were able to get some nice fresh air while enjoying the post-run time!

Tin Whiskers is close to some great food options. Three of our runners, Aaron, Aaron and Derek decided to split a couple large pizzas between the three of them. There were bets on whether the pizzas would be finished. The pizzas were finished completely and some bets were lost.

Tin Whiskers 2015-07-16

Remember to put August 6th on your calendar. We will be running at Surling Brewing in Minneapolis!

Want to run for Surly?

Surly Brewing has a Ragnar race that is looking for a couple last minute runners to join their team. RunBeerRepeat member Glenn, who also brews for Surly, contacted us looking for help filling out their roster. The run is coming up August 14th and 15th. If you are interested, reply to this email and we will get you in touch with Glenn. There’s a t-shirt and a case of Surly in it for you, plus a chance to get in on a fantastic run!