Great run from Dual Citizen

It’s not our normal 1st and 3rd Thursday schedule but March gave us a 5th Thursday so we get a bonus run this month!

Before we get to this week, we need to check in on our last run. Back on the 15th, we were at Dual Citizen Brewing in St Paul. Dual Citizen is a new brewery located just off 280 and University. They have a great location that let us quickly get down to the Mississippi River for our 30-minute out-and-back run. It was a beautiful day with several pairs of shorts showing up for our first run in the daylight in quite some time. Back at Dual Citizen, we were able to commandeer a few tables for our 20+ runners. As usual, it was fun trying some of what Dual Citizen offered while catching up on what has been happening and what races are coming up!

This past week, club member Brad had a guest article published in the popular Minneapolis Running website about RunBeerRepeat. To everyone who discovered us from there, cheers & I hope to see you at an upcoming run! To everyone else, go check out the article!

This week for our bonus run we are heading outside our usual 494/694 limit to out founder Derek’s brewery, Unmapped Brewing. As usual, we will meet at 6:20 for our 6:30 sharp run. As usual, the run will be a 30-minute run, hopefully, an out-and-back to help people of any pace have a fantastic run. After the run, we will meet back at Unmapped to catch up and try some great beer!

If you are planning on joining us, please consider RSVP’ing for the run. It helps us know how many to expect when planning. If you haven’t signed the 2018 RunBeerRepeat liability waiver, please do so online before the run.

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