Great run and great tour at Wild Mind

Last week we made a return back to Wild Mind Artisan Ales for a run, followed by at tour by Wild Mind’s founder and brewer Mat Waddell.

On the run side, we headed over through the neighborhoods around Diamond Lake to the far side of the lake, then looped back on our path. Lots of houses were decked out with holiday lights, which made the chilly weather quite festive!



Back at Wild mind, we very quickly joined the Minnesota Home Brewers Association for a very in-depth tour by the man behind Wild Mind, brewer and founder Mat Waddell. Matt talked about their process and plans moving forward. The tour of their Barrel Room was especially interesting!


Next week we head over to the Muddy Pig for our annual Holiday Lights Run around the Summit neighborhood. If you are planning on joining us, PLEASE LET US KNOW. We want to get a table held and must know ahead of time how many people to expect.

If you have questions or suggestions for people, jump over to our Facebook group and ask away!