Hanging out at Becky’s in NE Minneapolis Tonight

One final reminder that it’s time for another official gathering. Again, it’s going to be a #GoRunThenBeer rather than a group run!

Join RunBeerRepeat tonight in NE Minneapolis at Becky’s home for a 7pm gathering after going for an individual run on your own! This is a Bring your own EVERYTHING event. Bring a chair, snacks and a beverage for yourself and come say hi!

Please review the current RunBeerRepeat COVID-19 notes. We will be following them, including taking attendance to allow for contact tracing if needed. If you RSVP on the event page on the website, you don’t need to worry about attendance.

Where: Near Johnston Street and 32nd Ave NE. To get the exact address, please RSVP for the run on the website or jump on the #UpcomingRuns channel in Slack.

If you haven’t signed the RunBeerRepeat liability waiver, please do so online before the run. You only need to sign once per year! If you have questions or suggestions for people, jump over to our Slack Team and ask away!