Hot weather and a great host for our Lupulin field trip

We had a fantastic run this past Saturday up at Lupulin Brewing in Big Lake! This was our second field trip for the club and we were hoping for a fun time. We were not disappointing! A huge thanks go out to Aaron, Jeff, the entire Lupulin Brewing team and especially all the Lupulin Brewing Running Club members who came out to run with us!

2016-06 Lupulin Brewing (9)

It took a while to get to Lupulin, especially with stops to pick up donuts and extra runners but after the side trips it was a very short hop up the Mississippi to Lupulin Brewing in Big Lake. From the outside, Lupulin appears to be another door in the strip mall just off Highway 10 but don’t let the outside deceive you! Walking in the brewery and taproom look amazing, using lots of reclaimed wood to create a very cozy feel.

2016-06 Lupulin Brewing (2)2016-06 Lululin Brewing (12)

At noon, with about 18 runners in all we headed out for a hot but very beautiful run to the lake, then a bit around it before we hit out 15 minute turn around time.

2016-06 Lupulin Brewing (3)2016-06 Lupulin Brewing (4)

2016-06 Lupulin Brewing (5)2016-06 Lupulin Brewing (6)

Back at Lupulin we were first treated to lots of cold water glasses waiting but quickly found beer options that ranged from a fantastic cream ale, brewed with an extra addition of local potatoes, several blonde ales, a hoppy red and some fantastic barrel aged beers, just to name a few.

2016-06 Lupulin Brewing (8) 2016-06 Lupulin Brewing (11)

After a good amount of cool-down time, some beer, some donuts and salty snacks we finished up the visit with a tour from Lupulin’s brew house by head brewer Aaron.

2016-06-25 14.27.322016-06 Lupulin Brewing (1)

If you missed this, you missed a fantastic run, great brewery and awesome group of people! Check them out next time you are on the way up north!

Next Run

Come join us next Thursday, July 7th at Wabasha Brewing in St Paul!