June 16th Run at Dark Horse

Last Thursday we had beautiful weather, an awesome group of runners and a great location!

Dark Horse Bar & Eatery is located right on 7th street just west of the I94 overpass. Being right on the edge of Downtown St. Paul, we decided to head East to Swede Hollow. We headed out along 7th and quickly found ourselves circling down to the home of the St. Paul Saints, CHS Field. From there we started seeing hints of the area’s past, with old stone culverts, stonework bridges and other artifacts from the city’s past. Eventually we found ourselves at the beautiful old train bridge we have run through before. This was our turn-around point but it was fun to make it there from the other side!

2016-06-16 Dark Horse 1 2016-06-16 Dark Horse 2 2016-06-16 Dark Horse 3

Back at Dark Horse, we opted for a nice air conditioned indoor seat as the temperatures were on the higher side and everyone wanted a break from the heat. The tap list was vast and the food options delicious. Check them out next time you are in the area.


2016-06-16 Dark Horse 6 2016-06-16 Dark Horse 5

Last call for our field trip!

This Saturday we are taking a field trip up to visit our friends at Lupulin Brewing! They ran with us before their brewery opened and we finally get to go visit their running grounds and try some of their beer! If you are planning on joining us, or even thinking of it, either RSVP or just let us know that you may be coming. We will be emailing everyone who showed interest on Thursday/Friday to touch bases and see if anyone wants to car pool.

Do you know we have a Facebook Group?

Want to chat about beer? How about running? Need a reminder about a fun race someone was talking about on the last run? How about that new brewery someone mentioned? Come join us in our Facebook Group. Just recently Brad shared the latest updates to the awesome map he put together of our entire history! Come join the discussion!

July 21st Run Announced

July 21st we will be back at one of our favorite places, Fair State Brewing Co-op in NE Minneapolis.