Run tonight at Fair State

It’s time to run! And beer…!

Hi beer runners!

Tonight we head to Fair State in Minneapolis. Come join us tonight at Fair State for a 30-minute run, followed by some great beer. As always, we will meet at about 6:20pm around the front of their facility and will start our run at 6:30 sharp so please plan to get there and parked on time. After our 30 minute run, we’ll meet back at the brewery for a post-run beverage! If you have questions or suggestions for people, jump over to our Facebook group and ask away!

Remember that we are running in the dark so please come prepared for that. Reflective clothing, lights, and anything that can help you be seen will help keep us all safe!

If you are thinking of joining us, please let us know!

One more reminder that if you are interested in our Run Beer Repeat Social Event/Bottle Share happening on Saturday, March 25th, please RSVP in the Facebook group or on our event calendar. We will be in touch with more details soon but we need RSVPs!