Wicked Wort, Smoosh Racing happened – Fair State Thursday

Wow! What a week! We had a chilly run up in Robbinsdale and we competed in the first ever Twin Cities Smoosh Racing Invitational!

On Thursday we headed up to Wicked Wort brewing in Robbinsdale. They’ve been open about a year now and the club hasn’t run from there yet! There was a small but dedicated crew who headed out to brave the cold wind. The run started out in residential neighborhoods but eventually lead us to the beautiful tree-lined Grand Rounds Trail. Back at Wicked Wort we got our frosty hands on some delicious beer and great pizza from neighboring Pig ate my Pizza! After recovery time, our smooshers took to the parking lot to practice their technique for Saturday’s big event!

On Saturday, four of us met up with five other teams and a crowd of spectators for the first ever Twin Cities Smoosh Racing Invitational held at Bauhaus! If you are not familiar with Smoosh Racing, imagine 4 people with shoes bolted to two 2x4s trying to walk/run together down a path, make a u-turn, then head back. All this while trying to do it faster than the team next to you! We had a fantastic time! Your Smooshers represented the club well, taking 3rd place overall! Look for a fun video soon with all the highlites

This week we are heading to Fair State in NE Minneapolis for our run. Come join us Thursday at Fair State for a 30-minute run, followed by some great beer. As always, we will meet at Fair State at about 6:20pm around the front of their facility and will start our run at 6:30 sharp so please plan to get there and parked on time. After our 30 minute run, we’ll meet back at Fair State for a post-run beverage! It there is interest, we may be able to have a quick tour of their facility! If you have questions or suggestions for people, jump over to our Facebook group and ask away! Not sure about running in the cold, we will be back at Modist at 7pm so feel free to show up to chat!

Remember that it’s still dark out during out runs. Please come prepared. Reflective clothing, lights, and anything that can help you be seen will help keep us all safe!

If you are thinking of joining us, consider RSVP’ing.

A quick note that our social bottle share is coming up on Saturday, March 25th at 3pm. RSVP for the event on our calendar or on the Facebook group event page for the location and all the details. It should be a spectacular time!