Well that wasn’t very nice Mother Nature!

Hi Beer Runners!

Well Mother Nature finally gave us one. As you saw, we had to cancel last week’s run. It wasn’t because of the cold or didn’t think people would want to run in the snow. We just felt it wasn’t safe to be out traveling in the conditions. Safety is our #1 priority above everything else and would hate to know someone got in trouble because of our event. We hope you got your run and beer in another way! We will be rescheduling our visit to Broken Clock and announcing it shortly.

I’ll mention next week’s run shortly but this SATURDAY we need your help. 2 teams from RunBeerRepeat are taking part in the 3rd annual Twin Cities Smoosh Racing Tournament! What is Smoosh racing? Imagine 4 people, shoes bolted to two 2×4’s, “running” down the length of a basketball court, turning around and “running” back! Below you can check out the video Audrey made 2 years back. It’s super fun to do and hilarious to watch. We need your help coming out to cheer us on and take pictures for RunBeerRepeat! Dave can’t get out of being in the photos this time because he’s at the front of one of the teams! Come join us Saturday between 10am and noon at Bauhaus Brew Labs in Minneapolis. Wear your RunBeerRepeat schwag, bring your puppy and get ready for some fun!

Next week we are off to Wild Mind Artisan Ales in Minneapolis. Make sure it’s on your calendar and we’ll see you there!

If you have questions or suggestions for people, jump over to our Slack Team and ask away!