Running Birches Lowertown in St Paul Thursday

It’s time to run! And beer…!

This week we head to Birches Lowertown in St Paul for an awesome run! Come join us at Birches for a 30-minute run, followed by some great beer! As always, we will meet at about 6:20pm at the Broadway Street entrance, facing CHS Field, and will start our run at 6:30 sharp so please plan to get there and parked on time. After our 30 minute run we’ll meet back at Birches for a post-run beverage!  If you are joining us, please make sure to RSVP on the website or the Facebook Event.

Remember we are running in the dark. Please bring your headlamps and reflective wear to help keep us all safe.

It’s time to update your liability waiver! Please go visit the website and click the RunBeerRepeat liability waiver link. We need everyone to do this once per year and it’s that time again!

If you have questions or suggestions for people, jump over to our Slack Team and ask away!